Modern Philosophy

Ancient philosophy concepts applied for our modern times.

Obtaining Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Wellness Through an Understanding of Self-Awareness, Intentionality and Rejuvenation
Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Achieve Your Highest Goals by Cultivating a Positive Mindset, Developing Persistence to Adversity, and Overcoming…
Part One: The Beginning
What "living your best life" looks like, what's in the way, and how to overcome them
All you need is some alone time, the ability to self-reflect, and your imagination.
Within this article, the reader will learn: Why fear is one of our greatest gifts. By thinking about fear differently, we can reap its benefits. By…
In this article, the reader is going to learn how the mind works - which is a key concept to understand. We’ve been born with this “mind” and no one…
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