Thank you. I agree there is so much we assume is true that isn't, and even more, we fully know nothing about. A good staring place for inquiry. I tend to now think of these aspects of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, as one thing. (though no doubt emphasis has been material) They all inform one another. All contained in our personal fields, which of course, connect with other fields.

I look forward to reading more. Thank you. Best.

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Flat Earth and geocentrism have both been debunked long ago. The former by the ancient Greeks, and the latter by Copernicus and Galileo.

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Apologies! I had the wrong documentary -- here's the right one mentioning Brahe from the 21:00 to the 26:00min mark


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So in my upcoming book, "Unorthodox Truth" I touch on the fact that when we look at history, we can see how key players can make sure that their version of history and science is accepted and taught down to millennia. We see this with Charles Darwin and Evolution and then we also see this with Richard Owen and Dinosaurs:



I say this because if you look at the players who pushed Galileo's theory, i.e., Kepler, you see there's some politics to which model reigns supreme (helio vs geo). I'd invite you to look into Tycho Brahe who was Kepler's mentor who kept had accurate measurements of a geocentric model which disagreed with Kepler. At the age of 54, Brahe "dies" and Kepler gets all of Brahe's data - which Brahe didn't want to share with him anyway.

I paint this picture for two reasons:

1) Galileo never disproved the geocentric model, he only presented an argument for the heliocentric model, which Kepler then pushed forward (we just discussed the unusal events as to how Kepler was able to push his model with accurate data)

2) This is just one example of how we can be taught something simply due to politics and it can be completely wrong.

If you're further interested in this, you can check out the articles on my site or check out the link below which touches on Kepler, Brahe and other individuals in the space:


Let me know your thoughts!

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The science of globalists does not add up and flat earth seems to tick most of the "science" boxes.

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My world changed the day I found earthing sleeping via a sheet and changed again when I got my faraday cage, turned my electricity off at the trip switches, and went to bed. I was sleeping every night as close to our earth's natural environment as possible.  Perspective in life  I wrote.  

A quantum explosion from nothing creates quantum magnetic entities, time slowing down creating life. The earth made us in his image quantum and quantum works best not looking at it and sleeping connected to it. Life became simple and uncomplicated. Realising our actions had been manipulated by hypoxia becoming childish and irrational. Conflicting thoughts inebriated, the next day on my behaviour. Became doing this sober making immoral core value choices because of hard times forced upon us and peer pressure. 

A twisted web of cognitive dissonance that needs to be unravelled before I heal. Understanding why my decisions were my own but affected like a shot of whiskey negating the effects subsiding the anxiety adding to the hypoxia giddy and childish from our invisible environment. I felt like a screaming head like that Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature) in hell falling with no way out. The earth showed me what to do using plants and cacti reducing wireless communication into the earth negating the effects to heal our whole family. This complicated subject you cannot see so we spent some time experimenting with a triple-axis radio frequency metre and realised you should be at 0 in your home sleeping, The earth has healed us all. It has allowed us to thrive outside wearing earthing moccasins or shoe straps. The quantum computer doesn't work when you look at it. That's why you have to sleep. However,...

If your room is filled with invisible watchful waves. You cannot connect to your maker.

This beautiful earth I thank daily for everything I have. When connected it is an all-knowing quantum maker!!!!

My version of karma

Say there are 2 dimensions: quantum light and darkness space nothing. Ubiquitous opposites. The quantum time matter event that managed to pierce the vale to eventually become quantum magnetic entities that make us in their own image quantum. Is the soul quantum the same?  If we are quantum beings that strive to cut into the darkness of night then it is only logical that we need to create that quantum event of time and matter. Creating life creates matter giving new life meaning creates time no matter how small is the creation or a quantum event then for us we can be allowed access to the quantum dimension like we use a quantum computer. Something called Ebb and flow that goes around comes around.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist” What if it is

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world was hell and space was the heavens”

What if the earth is our heaven where we are tested... Space kills all life and is hell.

The earth healed our family like you wouldn't believe. We were all so sick and a building biologist that specialises in Building biology and Geomagnetic woke me up. I found that if I sleep connected to the earth with an earthing sheet in a faraday cage and radiation under the bed mat with the electricity turned off. I was in what was closest to what the earth used to be before these 1 quintillion x man-made wireless communication in 2 decades. Reducing the physics of conductive + electric field = antenna. My family & I prayed. We are much better over a dozen central sensation syndromes disappeared. From a scientific way of thinking about it, we are made from vibration. Our earth contains phonons trapped in superposition and vibration. Light is particles and waves and the world we know has ubiquitous opposites. False light is particles with little to no waves and wireless communication waves with little to no particles. Which is the opposite of our nature. When UV light combines with invisible waves the photoelectric effect occurs and the waves of electricity change voltage, heat up and speed up. This is why phones damage your eyesight as is a lens. What if these things were stopping communication with our maker? Without insulation, we were always connected to the earth all-wise and all-knowing. The earth and its pure environment could be a conduit for our maker. I suppose praying while sleeping? 

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