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The Electric Age: How to Become Self-Aware in a World of Electrical Waves

The Electric Age: How to Become Self-Aware in a World of Electrical Waves

An episode that discusses the challenges and opportunities of living in an era of electricity and how it shapes our thoughts, feelings, and actions
The Electric Age: How to Become Self-Aware in a World of Electrical Waves A podcast that discusses the challenges and opportunities of living in an era of electricity and how it shapes our thoughts, feelings, and actions

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Here, in this esoteric section, we'll explore deeper philosophical concepts in a more ad-lib style. I'll be sharing my thoughts and insights on various topics that I've learned and elaborating on them as I go. These voice notes won't be as extensive as my articles but will be just as valuable.

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This is just the first iteration of this product, and I'm continuously working on improving it over time. In this first podcast, I'll be talking about electricity, which I find quite fascinating. Within the podcast, here’s how I break it down.

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In this podcast, I use an example to discuss electricity. The example occurred when my child broke a battery-powered nail clipper. When I picked up the device, it fell apart, the battery fell apart, and it seemed like the device was completely dead. A small metal piece fell out that I had to arrange — in addition to the batteries.

However, once I put it back together, I felt the electrical charge of the device come back, despite there being no batteries in it. As soon as I inserted the batteries, it started to operate again. The reason I dive into this example to highlight the subtle change that occurs when the electrical current started to run, which literally affected the weight and perceived depth of the device.

I dive into other scenarios like the one about my dog who passed, and how just my carrying his lifeless body, you could just feel the electromagnetic energy is no longer there. The question is, what kind of world do we live in if these electrical currents have such a small impact on us?

In my article, How To Use Your Brain, I delve into this idea and explain how our bodies communicate with us through these impulses. These electrical signals are our thoughts and it's crucial to pay attention to them. This is why it is important to become self-aware because self-awareness is the first and most crucial step towards personal development. We must be aware of our thoughts and emotions to grow ourselves. Therefore, being self-aware is the key to success in any kind of self-growth.


The concept of self-awareness involves separating your divine consciousness from your ego and bodily functions. For instance, when you feel hungry, is it your body or your desires telling you that you want those sweets? Developing self-awareness is crucial in distinguishing between the two. It can help you recognize if your physical discomfort or emotional distress is due to external factors like the electromagnetic waves from electronic devices, or if it's something internal.

The impact of technology on human beings has been discussed by Rudolf Steiner, which I touch on within the podcast. Steiner observed that being a human has become a lot harder in this electrical age. We need to acknowledge the effects of electricity on our daily lives and strive to achieve self-awareness to better understand ourselves.


Lastly, in the podcast, I quickly share my thoughts on MKUltra, which was a controversial program that aimed to study the effects of mind control on human beings. Despite being discontinued, the program was successful in achieving its objectives. The information gathered from the studies enabled its researchers to essentially create any dose at therapeutic levels to produce specific results.

I further explain this by painting the scenario that if the same 1000 milligram dose that occurred during MK Ultra, can be given in small doses of one milligram over five years instead of two months, this approach achieves the same effect as MKUltra, but it takes a longer time.

This example is goes to show how it is essential to understand how our electromagnetic world works to realize how all aspects of reality, for example mind control, can be subtle and still very effective, rather than being an enormous, painstaking, and challenging process.

Synchronistically, as this is the first of these esoteric deep podcasts and in the first chapter of my book, I discuss the importance of electricity in our lives. As shown by the examples mentioned in the podcast, we can become more aware of our individual electromagnetic signal and resonance, which can help us differentiate between different types of charges. These charges could be our divine charges, archonic influences, our ego, or just our bodily functions.


Overall, thank you for the time and the attention! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast!

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