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The Eternal Empire: How The Roman Empire Never Really Went Away

The Eternal Empire: How The Roman Empire Never Really Went Away

It Just Transformed Itself. And What Does That Mean For Modern Day Christians?
An image of how the Roman Empire transformed to become today's society

In my latest podcast called “The Eternal Empire,” I explore the idea that the Roman Empire didn’t completely disappear but instead rebranded itself. If this theory holds true, what are the implications for modern society, especially Christians?

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In the podcast, we discuss the Bible’s origin and the society of Jesus Christ’s time, which consisted of carpenters, fishermen, farmers, and debt-based systems that were crucial at that time.

  • Although we still have similar debt-based systems today, it’s now easier to get out of debt than it was 2000 years ago. Despite this, the lessons of the Bible still apply to our world today.

However, it’s worth considering other aspects of that time and how they relate to our modern society. One significant aspect of that world was the Roman Empire. In the podcast, I explain how the Roman Empire has evolved from an empire to a church and how it presents itself in our society today.

  • We also discuss how the church struggled with itself as new factions of faith emerged, including Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation and its impact on the Roman Empire Church’s power.

  • We also touch on the church’s attempts to promote doctrines like heliocentricity and a round earth, and briefly discuss the Galileo conspiracy and how the church needed a round earth to support its ideas.

  • Finally, we tie everything together by demonstrating how our present-day institutions and systems are still influenced by the old Roman Empire.

Paul states in the Bible that our enemies are not physical beings, but rather personalities. Similarly, in this podcast, we come to understand that we are not fighting against a traditional empire; rather, we are confronting an ideology that evolves over time. The podcast focuses on how to recognize this ideology and, more importantly, how to stop it.

In the article “The Black Man’s Guide to Reality,” we see examples of how a particular ideology can destroy a continent under the guise of faith. It is a must-read for everyone, regardless of race. In the podcast, we discuss the concept of faith in Christ and how it can fuel political agendas. We also explore how the idea of asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior came about as a result of the sinner’s prayer, which originated only 200 years ago in the 1800s.

It’s worth noting that for the past 2000 years, only the rest of humanity outside of Europe has been able to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

  • This means that for 1800 years, those who didn’t hear the Word of God weren’t saved.

  • As a Christian, this raises the question of what it means and how to reconcile it.

Lastly, we provide some clarity about the Gnostics and how their ideology differs from the Christian faith we know today.

  • We also discuss how their ideology was a precursor to Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation.

As Paul said, our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities. Therefore, we need to be aware of these principalities and their tendency to kill, steal, and destroy. However, these principalities can only use the tools of deception. If we are not aware of this deception, we might not realize that we are under a satanic attack.

The Empire may have gone underground, but it hasn’t disappeared. The Empire has been defeated numerous times, but it consistently reinvents itself with a new facade. In this episode, we aim to identify this new face and initiate a new process of reform to address it.


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