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The Millennial Genocide

The Millennial Genocide

Why The Financial And Physical Health of A Generation Is Declining
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Are you a millennial struggling with financial insecurity, lack of direction in life, or poor health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the following podcast may interest you.

In this podcast, I discuss the conspiracies behind the policies and narratives that have shaped our world, and how we can break free from them.

We discuss a range of topics, including:

  • The impact of significant events such as 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, Obamacare, and the pandemic on our economy, society, and psychology.

  • We also delve into the constraints imposed by higher education and mortgages that have limited opportunities and caused debt.

  • Moreover, we discuss the use of technology to manipulate and control individuals and how it can be used to resist and create.

  • Additionally, we analyze the revelations of studies like MK Ultra regarding the secrets of the power class and discuss ways to expose and challenge them.

The podcast encourages individuals to think critically, stop buying into the propaganda and narratives designed to distract them and start thinking for themselves. We discuss ways to identify a purpose and goal, utilize technology to create a new future and target our attention accordingly.

The podcast is not recommended for individuals comfortable with the status quo but for those willing to face the reality of our situation and take action to change it.

Please share this article with your millennial (and Gen Z) peers and subscribe to our podcast on your preferred platform. Together, we can make a difference.


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